Tailoring a trip to points of interest:

Each trip is unique. Susan’s philosophy is to dig under the surface and ensure that you experience the history and culture of the location you visit. Her insider knowledge and vast network of local contacts help her craft a trip that is tailored to your interests and individual style. Planning a life-changing trip is all about customizing the experience for travelers who don’t anticipate the rich culture, diversity, and many experiences to be had in each destination. Susan’s talent is discovering your travel style, collaborating with you, and then offering her knowledge to craft insightful, creative solutions for a seamless travel plan. From soup to nuts she will handle everything and anything.

Tailoring a trip means collaborating with clients to find the perfect fit, the perfect guide, the perfect accommodation, the perfect destinations, and the perfect pace!

When Susan travels, she seeks out the distinctive qualities in every location. She meets with local historians, photographers, culinary connoisseurs, biking and hiking guides, shamans, teachers, artists, and gallery owners to build her connections and ensure insider access to local activities.

Some people like a guide who tells a story, others want a guide who knows the cultural facts, some look for a fun guide whose passion for local connections opens up the destination, and others want a combination of the above!