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Known for designing cutting edge travel plans to exotic destinations, Susan Sparks makes sure that no stone goes uncovered in the planning process. With nearly 30 years of experience under her belt, Susan is recognized as one of the finest travel advisors in the industry. In addition to being recognized by Travel & Leisure on the Top Travel Agent A-List for many years, she has also served on the advisory board for Saveur Magazine, been featured in AFAR Magazine, and earned several designations including Adventure Specialist, Spa Specialist and numerous Destination Accreditations. 

People choose Susan to plan their travel because of her meticulously designed travel itineraries. Susan's discerning clients are successful, demanding, and intelligent people who seek highly customized travel plans. Her trips are specially crafted to give you unique access to destinations that most travelers don't get to see. If you are looking for a trip curated by top guides and inspiring people that is guaranteed to be life-changing, look no further.

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  • I felt fully satisfied on a variety of levels and the trip, in total, exceeded my expectations. I will be returning to Southeast Asia again, and will surely seek your counsel when I do so.
    — Liz
  • We just arrived in Opatija and the Bevanda after a very long and difficult 4 hour delay due to hurricane like winds and closed freeways. But we love the sea view hotel and this majestic town and thank you for your amazing talent finding special places. We absolutely were enchanted with the villa Dubrovnik as well as the hotel in Montenegro, and the trip has been just incredible. We are on our way to Verona tomorrow and again will keep u informed. Thanks again, Susan. Exceptional places.
    — Lilli and Seth
  • The trip was perfect in every way. We had NO glitches which is amazing. We particularly liked Aracari--they were like clock work--always on time and well informed. And, we particularly loved Maria Teresa.
    — Donna
  • After arranging this trip on our own, we realized what a terrific job you've done for us in the past. The problem was that you made it look so easy. I guess that's what a real pro does. This is the last time we're ever going to do a trip on our own.
    — Gene
  • The trip was amazing! The sights you designated "must see" were. As for the restaurants, one was more remarkable than the next. I think our favorites were Food Barn, Birkenhead House and also Baia. The Tasting Room was an unbelievable experience which we will never forget.
    — Roger & Leslie
  • The hotel is amazing and we are so glad we listened to you. They gave us tickets for the closing movie and gala for the film festival, upgraded our room to a full suite, and moved Saturday's dinner reservation to last night. The driver from the airport was also great.
    — J
  • The food tour we we on Friday night was unanimously agreed upon as being one of the most fun adventures we have ever been on together! The guide was great, the food was delicious, and the mostly hole in the wall stops were delightful and full of local color.
    — Larry
  • We absolutely LOVED OUR LONGTAIL SUITE and the entire Cambridge experience. You really are amazing!! We so appreciate your wonderful patience and always getting exactly what makes us extremely happy.
    — Donna
  • We had a wonderful time at Hacienda Zuleta - Our room and 'surrounding quarters' were amazing. Our 'surprises' could not have been more special nor better executed - thank you! You were so gracious to include Saturday nights dinner and the wine for our private evening at Zuleta.
    — Bob
  • [We're] in Cuzco. We are so happy. It was time for a city. Thank you for everything. It has been a trip of a lifetime. We all are so enchanted with Peru.
    — Sharon


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