Susan's bucket list destinations: Bhutan

Bhutan Travel Agent

You cannot find a more enlightened destination today. Perched high on the mighty Himalayan mountain range, the Kingdom of Bhutan has defied globalization and chosen to remain a hidden paradise. This is a place on earth that even the most seasoned of travelers consider a privilege to visit. After receiving this brochure about Bhutan, I loved this idea of finding happiness in a place, and thought you might, too.

"Find happiness in Bhutan"

Happiness is exploring a different culture

  • Wake up under the rafters of an ancient farmhouse
  • Renew your wedding vows in Bhutanese style
  • Soak in the spirituality of the land

Happiness is in indulging in spirituality

  • Soothe your soul in undisrupted calmness of nature
  • Meditate amid the serene environment
  • Discover your inner-self in this blessed land

Happiness is becoming one with nature

  • Relieve city stress in nature's lap
  • Feel the fresh grass under a blanket of stars
  • Traverse the trails lined with wild blossoms