TED Speaker: Pico Iyer

Pico Iyer is a travel writer who studies how cultural customs and traditions are affected by global media and pop culture. He has written ten books about the fading traditions of cultures around the world.

Lately, Iyer's interests have turned over to technology. He analyzes how the internet  influences rural communities, and simultaneously how modern internet-users are affected when removed from the digital world. There are many areas of the world which function independently of the internet and global social media, and Iyer suggests that people should visit these rural areas if they need room to breath. It can be strange, relieving, and even humbling to spend time in communities where the digital world is nonexistent. Iyer suggests that the more we overindulge in technology and immerse ourselves in the digital world, the more our need for escape increases.

Iyer recently commented that "Almost everybody I know has this sense of overdosing on information and getting dizzy living at post-human speeds. Nearly everybody I know does something to try to remove herself to clear her head and to have enough time and space to think. ... All of us instinctively feel that something inside us is crying out for more spaciousness and stillness to offset the exhilarations of this movement and the fun and diversion of the modern world."

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