Glimpses of Life-changing Travels

As a luxury travel planner with nearly thirty years of experience, I have spent a lot of time building a network of foreign contacts and connections. I know all the best local restaurants, hotels, and tours. My inside access to popular local spots guarantees that you will be fully immersed in culture during your trip.


To further illustrate my point and allow you to get a feel for my style, here are some highlights of previous trips I've planned:

1. One family planned a multi-generational trip with grandparents, parents, and grandchildren. They wanted to do an activity where everyone could participate. In order to accommodate for both the elderly and the young children, we decided on organizing a "Top Chefs Event" at a local villa. The family had a blast cooking and laughing together, followed by a delicious meal. 

2. A couple of food and wine-lovers told us they wanted to learn more about South African cuisine. We sent them to Cape Town and Franschhoek to experience the food culture and local wineries. They spent several days visiting garage wineries, meeting with locals, and dining at local specialty restaurants. 

After this trip, they began planning another: an Around the World global tour. We helped send them everywhere from Delhi in India, to San Sebastian in Spain, to Mendoza in Argentina. Our plan was for them to fully immerse in the local culture by meeting local winemakers, expert chefs, and fishmongers. This trip of a lifetime allowed them to visit famous restaurants, museums, and other local gems. The couple met one of Argentina's top sommeliers, dined at a secluded rustic farmhouse restaurant, visited small Rioja wineries, enjoyed Spanish pinxtos like locals, and explored the cuisine of the Parsi community in India. This unforgettable world tour gave this couple a taste of food and wine around the world: a foodie's dream.

3. One client wanted to arrange a surprise trip to Ecuador for his 30th anniversary with his spouse. I arranged for them to ride on horseback from Hacienda Zuleta to one of the Pyramids of the Hacienda, built in 800 A.D by the Caranqui civilization. We arranged for a Shaman meet the couple at the pyramid, where the shaman performed a ritual for prosperity and long life. Afterwards, the couple enjoyed a deluxe picnic by the Pyramid, which offers a peaceful and mystic ambiance.

4. Two newlyweds wanted to honeymoon in Laos where they could experience beautiful landscapes, architecture, and cuisine. I began planning something big and spectacular for them. I arranged for them to bike to a remote village where locals were waiting for them. Upon arrival, the couple was clothed in special wedding garments and given a ceremony and blessing, followed by a huge authentic Laotian feast.

5.  A popular request I get is to book vacations and tours for bikers. I have arranged customized biking trips all over Europe, South America, and Asia (including Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand, to name a few countries). Some bikers prefer to ride through sprawling fields and landscapes, others like to bike in cities and take in the beautiful architecture. Either way, biking is a great way to explore during your vacation - not to mention it's cheaper than taking buses and trains!

I hope that after reading about a few personalized vacations that I've booked, you will form ideas for your own trip. We can work together to accommodate your requests and ensure that you get to experience everything you want and more!

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