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Specializing in highly customized itineraries to the world’s emerging and exotic destinations, Points of Interest Travel designs life-changing travel experiences for travelers around the world. Through industry affiliations and relationships with the best luxury brands, clients will enjoy VIP service and incredible perks with Susan Sparks and Points of Interest as their advocate. Learn more >


Emerging & Exotic Destinations

Constantly traveling to uncover the hidden gems of the world, Susan Sparks has a talent for finding off-the-beaten-track destinations. She personally vets the world’s best properties and travel services, and handpicks guides. Her immersive itineraries allow travelers to dive deep in the culture of the globe’s undiscovered places.


“If I had 3 wishes, one would be to be in a position to be a lifetime client of yours”

- Nan

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Next-Level Customization

Susan Sparks goes beyond the simple consultation, she knows what questions to ask in order to design highly customized itineraries. Interviewing every traveler in the group in order to discover everything from their loftiest travel dreams, their sleeping preferences, their motivations & beyond, Susan is able to delivery journeys that are highly personalized to each unique person.


“Susan is fabulous. Susan is spectacular. Susan is always always available.
Her research and detail are exceptional.”

- Alan


Privileged Access

From executing a surprise wedding ceremony for newlyweds in Laos, booking a helicopter trip to the remote Nepalese village of Mustang, or locating the ultimate private villa for a family in Iceland, Susan Sparks has access to one of a kind experiences you never knew were possible.



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